About VesabaClouds

I usually describe myself as a person who wants to do everything that it is in my hands before something happens. It is not about being afraid of the future, it is about making things come true. It is never too early and never too late to do something. What about destiny? Well, the stars might affect the way too, but that is not everything. I have been very lucky to be able to make my dream of traveling all around the world real, thanks to Team SCA and the Volvo Ocean Race. I am extremely happy to join this adventure! An adventure that I am doing on my own, and that probably, I could never have done if I would not had wished it so much.

My main goal with VesabaClouds is to share my experiences and thoughts.  I am sure I will laugh, cry, discover amazing destinations and go through various emotions. However, I really believe it is people who make places special so I hope to meet you soon so you can help me to make awesome my clouds ;)