Mango Sticky Rice in Thailand

Maya Bay… Better company than DiCaprio!

It is the first time in my life that a place makes me feel butterflies. I wanted to share asap these pictures from Maya Bay! As I told you, I have watched too many American movies and The Beach with Di Caprio has simply been a must, so here I was looking for him.


Since I only had 24h in Krabi I felt forced to do one of these excursions that do not allow you to do anything else than taking pictures for 30 min in every island: Bamboo Island, Monkey Island, Maya Bay, Phi Don. The evidence is here:

Maya Bay

Do I recommend it? If you only have 24h like me, you should definitely do it, cause it is probably one of the places you will always want to come back. In my case, I need to come back too because unfortunately Di Caprio could not make it on time.

The previous night I had dinner at this tiny secret place called Onion Restaurant  where a young lady of 17 years served me her favourite food. I always ask locals about their own tastes, (in this case, it happen to be a big fresh crab with veggies). However, my taste is limited, I do not tolerate spicy food at all! This way I can interact more with them. She ended up telling me that she had not celebrated her birthday on the 25th cause she works everyday!! I do not know how is it possible that they have those smiles with so much work! Thailand is called the country of smiles… Anyway, there were 2 themes together that my brain simply does not accept it: Christmas & Birthdays (Error404). Excuse me those ones who do not enjoy Christmas and\or Birthdays but I do! It is the specific time that everyone join together officially for fun, so we booked the Phi Phi Islands tour for her! I discovered that she did not like Thai people and rather talk with her internacional clients. Even if she lives here in Thailand, the last time she went to visit Phi Phi islands was 2 years ago! She was very flexible though to leave job and come with me, she works with her family so I guess it is just a question of money.

I told her what my mum said to me in the letter cause I think it is a really international advice, but since her English was very poor I do not know if she understood me. I told her how much I love now the mango sticky rice and she prepared it for me. I mean it when I say we had fun, she was about to cry when we said byebye. I try to remember when I met people younger and I can imagine how did it feel. Just continue dreaming big!

Mango Sticky Rice Best Thai Food Experience in Thailand
Mango Sticky Rice Experience at Onion Restaurant (Ao Nang)

Where is Onion Restaurant? I did my best to point it in Google Maps but it does not appear. Never mind, in the old fashioned way, here it is the address:

79/56 Modo 3 Nopparatthara Beach, Aonang, Muang, Krabi. It is located next to a Travel agency called 29 Twenty-Nine Travel & Tour.






P.S. I just told the receptionist my story about Krabi-Phi Phi and he recommended me next time I should just tell a fisherman to bring me to the island very soon in the morning so I enjoy there without any tourist!

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