The Nordic taste, experience Galicia as locals

After living both worlds (best and worst) of Galicia, and have been told not to share all the great spots I have been lucky to step in; I disobey and share all of them with you, cause you, as the classic rookie tourist, will never be able to discover the real part of the North of Spain unless you go with a perfect host. Locals simply don’t want to lose their privileges. It is not an act of rebellion, I think things could work better with new ideas, ideas brought by new influencers, but the “gallego” does not stand up as an international traveler, so  if Mahoma doesn’t go to the mountain… at least you should try to interact with them, but sometimes you will have to stop trying to change their mind, they can be very balky. Have you ever met someone that feels sorry for being able to survive with the benefit of just 3 months of work (high season)? I do, now. It is unique, the galician specimen.

I was explaining a few days ago to my sister-in-law that the ideal modern prototype of men who is affectionate and chivalrous and collaborates with the housework, compounds a pack difficult to find. It’s the same with destinations; if you want to live a real experience, be careful! Sometimes it involves other facts… Either you have the gentleman option A but still a bit old fashioned and pigheaded, or you get the modern option B, that is probably not going to take the first step. In the same way, the old city implies “No creditcard accepted” and modern city, “Let’s go to McDonalds for dinner”.


We haven’t been at McDonalds for sure, but I am about to buy pregnancy pants anyway. Why? They are to blame in: Boquería de Baiona, they claim to have the best risotto in the world. I am sure you are one of those who makes jokes about our siesta time, be careful darling, now, after the risotto, and even more if you have ordered the famous coffee liquor, you will feel the need of at least lying down for a while. OK, here’s the solution, go to Parador and have a kit kat. Due to the fact that Volvo Ocean Race created a lot of our present live patterns, we felt forced to see another race afterwards in the Nautic Club, just in front of the Parador.

Baiona Collage
Baiona (Parador & Regata). Experience Galicia.


After the sunset from Baiona to Sanxenxo…

Sailing from Baiona to Sanxenxo

The best place to stay if you have a car/bike is Hotel Conde Navío, directed by Sebas, the best gallego ever that offers toast with garden tomato for breakfast. The establishment is located close to the best beach of Sanxenxo, Areas, and offers both apartments and hotel rooms with access to swimming pool.

Hotel Conde Navío

What are those places that locals love? The so-called “Furanchos” are usually private houses open to the public where you will feel grandma and grandpa never let you go. My favorite, number one: Lar do Outeiro (Cobas-Outeiro, 10, 36968, Meaño, Pontevedra, +34 690 781 357). Sebas told us they have the best zamburiñas, but I disagree, as a graduate in tomatoes and chocolate, I can affirm that if they are the best at something, it is in tomatoes, better than any others I have ever tested!!

Furancho Lar do Outeiro

For their lemon cake, for their chocolate flan, and for the best service, the second position goes to Loureiro Costa Abaixo (Seixalvo, 41, 36960 + 34 690 617 174).

Bronze would go to Casa Barrosa. Why? Because it is one of the few places where you can see, admire and even touch the endangered Spanish prototype that dances Paso Doble (Please watch a movie from Alfredo Landa to understand this concept).

What about party?

Don’t go to the Club Náutico of Sanxenxo and go instead to Varadero and Budha. Or Náutico in San Vicente! A bar with live music with beach view.


Medieval stone narrow streets with bars decorated in a very rural-marine style. Here I learnt the best barnacle is the one that is short and thick, the long and thin ones were trying to reach the water and will not be that tasty as the others.


Even in this other part of Galicia there is someone to blame for my belly. Which one? Casa Checho. If you go with your own Zodiac, don’t forget to ask for the permission unless you want to pay 6000€ penalty.

Isla de Ons


Coming back from Ons we stopped by in Silgar to make wakeboarding, or in my case, to try to be cool unsuccessfully until we had to rescue a boat! Mental note: the boat A that rescues boat B, can ask B for the 80% of the boat’s value.


My favourite! It even remembers me to the rocky coasts in New Zealand and Australians, but with no Marine Port. Here in this path you can find Náutico, it’s open all day, not only for party!

Travel tips, to sum up:


  • Conde Navío


  • Boquería
  • Lar Do Outeiro
  • Loureiro Costa Abaixo
  • Náutico
  • Casa Checho
  • A Meca


  • Coffee Liquor
  • Albariño White Wine
  • Lemon cake
  • Chocolate/Cheese/Coffee
  • Barnacles


  • Varadero
  • Budha
  • Náutico

Find all them in this Google map.

If you’d rather experience Galicia in an even more personalized way, like for instance sailing on your own, or if you have any other doubts or comments do not hesitate to send an e-mail to I will see how can I help you make your experience different.

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