God Jul! Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad!

I will start this blog with wishes. It is the first time I spend Christmas without my family, I guess it is one of the most difficult days. I am in Abu Dhabi and it is incredible how the concept of Christmas can change from one place to another, of course it does not feel like Christmas at all for any of us. It is sunny, there is no visible cloud and my only wish is to see a Santa Claus/Jultomten riding a camel. Fortunately, I have a very good team, both the Spanish and the Swedish part here in the Team SCA will spend the whole day together! Let me do for you the Pavilion Tour: Alex, he is the latin representative, no more words, that describe he is funny with a good heart. Then we have Quino, he is the one to go out with and make old fashion Spanish jokes. Monica, she is just for everything. Elaf, the dancer, the talker, the one that knows and looks to everything around, the one to still discover. Eleonor, my little sister, she is Swedish, but believe me, she can touch people. Camila, she is there for whatever you need, always, at any times. Anton, computer, numbers, I do not understand yet. Daniel, if I thought I was the one that smiles all the time I was wrong!! Here a sample of very crazy moments together.

merry christmas team sca
Merry Christmas to my Team SCA


Let´s continue the party! We will make happen the impossible, like for example being able to have some alcohol drinks, which is either impossible or very expensive. A glass of wine at Jumeirah has a modest price of 22€. Never mind. That is why Ladies Night and Happy Hours at Abu Dhabis clubs are essentials.

Today´s morning meeting song was a Christmas congratulation from my best colleague ever, Monica. I know it was her family but it felt like a message from everyones families…


The result? Everyone was crying. I just want to say I miss you family, this is the disadvantage of being traveling for 9 months. But of course it is an experience I will always remember, so I promise I will do my best to keep smiling and having so much fun as possible. And for that, Sanz & Barrero´s are the best ones. Our surname fits everywhere, but not with everyone. I am very lucky to travel with a second family.


I look forward receiving a video from my father singing funny (or nasty) villancicos that would not fit very much my first post here. Let´s wait to have more confidence 🙂

Hope you enjoy your day with the best company ever!


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