What is all about Sydney?

Sunny modernity

One of the best ways I have found to waste time in life is by looking around in the super markets. Do not ask me why but I find super interesting to imagine how a normal day looks like for people in different countries. Yesterday, I visited the China Town of Sydney, which is a real little piece of China in here; the population of Chinese citizens in Sydney goes up to 487.976 according to Wikipedia. Absorbed by the cultural shock, my mouth was about to open while looking a woman trying to decide between many goods with which I would not be able to make even a soup.

Start talking about Sydney by mentioning China Town may not be the clearest definition. However, it is a sign of the mix of cultures that exists here. Due to its location, the mix is even clearer for our eyes because of the different origins, again Wikipedia can help me here to make you trust my worth: China, UK, India, New Zealand, Vietnam, Philippines, Lebanon, South Korea, Italy, South Africa, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia and Greece have significant communities here.

Night Market – China Town in Sydney

Diversity, this is a real fact that differentiates Sydney.

It has actually surprised me how people smile to each other passing by in the streets or how do they politely behave at work with no bad word for anyone, not even when you are on those first clumsy days. This is a huge generalisation I know, but I am used to watch my back all the time, and here things appear to be just simpler and more transparent in a regular basis.

Freedom, respect and modernity. 

What else could anyone ask for? I have the answer: 9 months of summer. I knew there was a whole thing about me wanting to come here so badly, I enjoyed to imagine Australia being as Sweden when it comes to modern culture, but with better weather; I guess that was an easy goal to target…

The fact of loving Sweden gives me the right to actually make a criticism, and this is the risk that a developed country has to forget the most important things of life, which is basically everything that make us LAUGH, LOVE or SHARE. Otherwise, we will be living like in a WALL-E movie, where everyone is acting like a robot following orders without hesitating and getting food directly in the stomach without even flavour it. For those who are lost:

(Yes, I still watch Disney)

This is why I thought Australia was going to be the first in the ranking of modernity-life quality relationship, but this was until I was noticed about the existing rules regulating when, where, what to do and when to go out. The so called lockout rules of Australia reminds me now to the dry laws of Sweden.

I am far from promoting the consumption of alcohol, which I think one day it might disappear with the tobacco industry, but I am even farer from bidding people to choose their own life path. Today, people, millennials above all, are acting responsibly by recycling or eating healthier, and these acts have become habits after good campaigns of making people consciously aware of the impacts of their own behaviour. I think The Netherlands can give us a master class in this matter when after allowing the consumption of Marihuana, they present one of the lowest percentage of consumption in the world.

We cannot have everything I guess, but if a place is closer to get the first position it could be this one. Sun, beach, modern life and qualified jobs (if you get one), I think that is all about Sydney, it can offer you plenty of options from the red carpet of the CBD to the barefoot hipster culture of Bondi.

I am about to leave Sydney, its Açai bowls, its avocado smashed toasts and the good dietary products such as the amazing coco yoghurt and probiotics juices from the Australian Woollies supermarket. And I am going to miss them, those little things that make life different, even just going to the supermarket.

P.S. And one more thing that I can buy here from New Zealand and I can not get in Europe… Whittaker’s!!

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