Dream big (Mum Cloud)

“Deja que tus sueños sean más grandes que tus miedos” / “Let your dreams be bigger than your fears”

A lot of people travel in order to find their way, to find themselves, to think about what they want to do with their lives, to find love, to meet people. I do not know which of these options would fit my case, I just love it, I guess because you have the chance to experience a lot of different things and cultures and the rest is just involved. As I said, I am a people person and I really believe that people are the ones that make the places special. My home would not be that special without my relatives. 

It took me a lot of time to start writing, I was afraid about everything, the appearance, the thoughts, I just needed to start. I did not expect anything for Christmas since I am so far away and then this arrived to Abu Dhabi, which I would say, it is my main cloud right now, I can not stop thinking about my mum’s words:  

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