Designing Travel Experiences…

Personally attracted by everything which is new or different, I feel forced to discover everything that suppose a learning in life, and that can come from a place, an extreme activity, a person you find in your way somewhere, a sign in the middle of the street, the atmosphere you breath in a city, a feeling that arises you suddenly… Whatever it be one have more chances to find those new experiences by exposing oneself to different cultures. I have been very lucky to go around the world and to continue fulfilling this dream of becoming a travel designer. A dream that probably, I could have never achieved if I had not wished it so much that my energy and efforts ended up pointing the same direction.

Once I am in a new destination what I do is very simple. I have two key principles: to go with the flow is the first and to follow the locals’ tips the second. In the end, it is people who make places special and thus, who can make awesome my clouds.

However, a destination is like a piece of art, it has different meanings for different people. VeSaBaClouds has no other goal than sharing my own learnings with those other nomads who rather avoid massive tourism and design their own travel experiences by introducing themselves to the city.